Dr Debbie Thorne

Dr Debbie Thorne BVSc (Hons)

Dr Deb graduated from the University of Queensland in 1995. Since then, she has worked in mixed practice in both Queensland and New South Wales, with a five year hiatus to run her family dairy farm. In her ‘spare time’, Deb spends time with her dogs Dot, Wilson and Hariat on her beef cattle properties in Maleny and Jandowae.

Dr Kirsten Dance - Maleny Veterinary Services

Dr Kirsten Dance BVSc (Hons)

Dr Kirsten graduated from the University of Queensland in 2008 and has been with us at Maleny Vet Services since 2012. She has a naughty cat called Purl who rules the roost and a very tolerant husband. Kirsten loves gardening, camping and red wine! She comes originally from Brisbane, moving to Central Queensland for a while before returning to Maleny.

Dr Lauren McGrath - Maleny Veterinary Services

Dr Lauren McGrath BVSc (Hons)

Dr Lauren graduated from the University of Queensland in 2011 and has been working at Maleny Vet Services since 2013. Lauren enjoys all areas of mixed practice but has a particular interest in surgery and equine medicine. Lauren has three horses – Dusty, Smitten and Prince, her playful dog Percy and a delightful tribe of chickens, geese and ducks. Whilst she has a small herd of cows, there is no doubt that Margo is her favourite – having raised her from an orphaned calf.

Dr Hailee Byles

Dr Hailee Byles BVSc

Dr Hailee graduated from James Cook University in Townsville in 2017 and has been with us at Maleny Vet Services since 2019. While Hailee is our go-to vet for large animals, she also loves her small animal medicine. Hailee has a  daughter, Lilly and a staffy named Jimmy as well as some budgies and chickens. She comes from Whyalla in South Australia, but much prefers the Queensland weather!

Dr Bec Wasmund-Loughnan - Maleny Veterinary Services

Dr Bec Wasmund-Loughnan BVSc

Dr Bec graduated from James Cook University in 2021 and has been working in the Maleny Vet Services team since January 2022. She loves helping all critters, large and small but has a passion for equine medicine. In her spare time, she enjoys taking her cheeky border collie Bowie to the beach, endurance riding and camping under the stars.

Dr Sophie Denham - Maleny Veterinary Services

Dr Sophie Denham BVSc

Dr Sophie graduated James Cook University in 2022 and started at Maleny Vet Services in 2023. Sophie is loving the mixed animal practice! Sophie has a boxer called Clyde, she enjoys outdoors, beach walks and exploring the beautiful region around Maleny and the Sunshine Coast.

Dr Liz Potter - Maleny Veterinary Services

Dr Liz Potter BVSc

Dr Liz graduated from the University of Queensland in 2023 and has been working at Maleny Vets since January of 2024. She is loving the variety of patients and cases mixed practice offers on a daily basis. Liz has a particular interest in small animal medicine, emergency and large animal obstetrics. Her family has two naughty but sweet Staffies, Alfie and Willow.
Dr Mitchell May - Maleny Veterinary Services

Dr Mitchell May BVSc

Dr Mitchell graduated from the University of Queensland in 2023 and joined the Maleny Vet Services team in 2024. Mitchell enjoys the variety and challenges of mixed practice but has a particular interest in small ruminants and exotic medicine. Mitchell has a cheeky cockatiel at home along with many aquariums filled with fish. Outside of the clinic, he enjoys cooking and gardening.
Legendary Nurses
Caitlin Davis - Maleny Veterinary Services

Caitie Davis

Caitie started at Maleny Vets as a kennel hand, working in the afternoons after school. She moved away for a while but rejoined the team at the end of 2022 and is in the process of commencing her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Caitie especially enjoys large animal call outs. She grew up riding and showing horses, which fuelled a passion for photography. In her spare time she loves four-wheel driving and going camping with mates. She has a border collie cross, Alfie and horse, Sophie.
Debra Haupt - Maleny Veterinary Services

Debra Haupt

Deb has been with Maleny Vet Services since 2002 and has a Certificate II in Veterinary Nursing. She REALLY enjoys assisting in canine caesarean sections, nursing medical patients in hospital, training junior staff and work experience students – where her love for her job is infectious! Deb is otherwise kept busy with her horses Ned, Maverick and Abbey, her cats Tiddles, Ranga and Missy and her scallywag dog Nuckey.

Erin Vinall - Maleny Veterinary Services

Erin Vinall

Erin grew up in Maleny and has been a part of the Maleny Vet Services team since 2020. Erin has always wanted to work with animals, and she is currently studying her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Erin loves calvings and all the dogs that come to visit. She has two cheeky dogs, Ricky and Kara  who are both Kelpie X and enjoys taking them to the dam for swims. Erin loves to hang out with family and friends in her spare time.

Gemma Keir - Maleny Veterinary Services

Gemma Keir

Gemma graduated from UQ in 2012 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology and began working at Maleny Vet Services in 2013. Gemma is married to Boyd and they have a 2 year old son, Jack. Gemma’s pets include dogs Dozer, Boss, Tully and Bluey, a cat Millie, Harry the horse, chickens and Bowie the lorikeet. Gemma loves assisting with caesareans and working on behaviour with owners. Gemma’s hobbies include horse riding, dog walking, looking after her animals and spending time with Boyd, Jack and Hughie.

Grace Mallet - Maleny Veterinary Services

Grace Mallet

Grace has her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, however you will usually find her friendly smile in reception. Grace married in April 2023 and she and her hubby have three fat cats named Purtato, Peanut and Big Boy Remington. When she’s not at Maleny Vet Services, Grace spends all her time cleaning-up cat fur and caring for her precious little girl!

Kate Meager - Maleny Veterinary Services

Kate Meager
Nurse Manager

Kate joined Maleny Vet Services in 2007 and completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2012. She was born in Maleny and lives on a farm on Conondale. She has a Bull Terrier named Chuck, two Kelpies Arrow and Archer and some naughty horses – Bill, Ray and Bundy. She particularly enjoys getting outside with the large animal patients, especially beef cows and horses.

Lucy Diplock - Maleny Veterinary Services

Lucy Diplock

Madison Park

Sophie Sharry - Maleny Veterinary Services

Sophie Sharry

Sophie joined the team here at Maleny Vets in 2023, and completed her Cert III in Animal Care Services. She is now working to complete her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing. Sophie loves all aspects of this diverse job, but her passion is being out in the field with the largies! When she’s not working she stays busy with her four horses, two dogs and pet steer (among many other animals on her farm)! She also loves travel, going camping and is always keen on an adventure!
Tayla Inglis - Maleny Veterinary Services

Tayla Inglis

Tayla began her career as a trainee while still in high school in 2017. She completed a Certificate III and Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, becoming fulling qualified in 2021. Initially she adventured out west to a rural mixed practice (which she loved) but moved back to the coast when she joined the team at Maleny Vet Services in 2023. When she’s not being a super nurse with a particular interest in equine and largies, Tayla spends every possible minute spoiling her horse Loxton, Bull Arab Chippy and German Shepherd Bronco. She also loves camping and spending time with family and friends.
Pooch Groomers
Kate Bassett - Maleny Veterinary Services

Kate Basset

Kate was a groomer in the hinterland area for four years, and had been in the industry for a total of more than 15 years before joining Maleny Vet Services in 2023. In her spare time she’s a mum to a toddler and loves to get outdoors. Kate loves hitting the parks and beaches with her Jack Russell Terrier Dougal, and even loves camping when she gets a chance.

Jordan Pedersen

Jordan, who likes to be called JP, joined the Maleny Vets Reception team in 2024, bringing with her 25 years’ experience in HR and admin fields. With her passion for all animals big and small, she has found herself in the perfect place and couldn’t be happier. In her spare time, JP enjoys spending time with her fur-babies Jughead Jones and Muggles, goldfish Fushie and Turtles Turts and Turtlie 2.
Amanda Fea - Maleny Veterinary Services

Amanda Fea
Practice Manager

Amanda has lived in Maleny since 2011, joining the MVS team in February 2022. As Practice Manager, Amanda reckons she landed the best job in town, working with the most amazing humans and being involved with the best care for all the gorgeous animals. She and her husband have a Kelpie called Rippa, two cats Elsie and Murray (inherited from her son) cattle and chickens. Her hobbies include camping, reading, skiing with family and friends and the odd champagne.

Kim O'Rourke - Maleny Veterinary Services

Kim O’Rourke
Clinic Assistant

Kim has been a member of the team at Maleny Vet Services since 2017. After finishing her schooling in Maleny, Kim went on to study animal husbandry at UQ, beef production in Emerald and equine veterinary nursing in NSW. Before relocating back to Maleny, Kim worked as an equine veterinary nurse at the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne. In her spare time Kim enjoys going on camping adventures, trail riding with her quarter horse Chevy or just chilling at home napping with her terrier Pixie and cat Alexis.

Edwina Kelly
Business Manager

Edwina graduated from UQ with a Bachelor of Journalism and Communications in 2000. She worked in the not-for-profit sector for 10 years before going solo to work with small and medium-sized businesses who don’t traditionally have the resources to compete with the ‘big end of town’. She joined Maleny Vet Services in 2018 to combine her love of animals (in particular Coco, her lab) with her passion for advocating small businesses. When she’s not working or coordinating the ridiculous social lives of her husband and three young children, Ed loves heading to the beach, travelling and getting grubby on her extended family’s cattle properties.

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